Monday, 16 July 2012

Curling Iron De-Clamp

Lately, I've been curling my hair a lot more than I've been straightening it. I have a curling wand and a regular 1 inch curling iron with a clamp, both from Conair. I prefer the curling wand because I find that the curl holds a lot better than the iron with a clamp. However, I like the way my hair curls with the bigger barrel of the 1 inch curling iron. Confusing, I know. 

I remembered reading this tutorial from The Beauty Department about how to de-clamp a curling iron so I thought I would give it a try. 

All you need is your curling iron and a screwdriver. Super simple!

First, remove the stand. The stand cover some of the screws that keep the clamp attached to the barrel. The screws left behind were super easy to remove; just jiggle the clamp and they fell out on their own.

 Once I got rid of those, the clamp came right off.

Next I had to get rid of the spring. That's where the screwdriver comes in. Just unscrew!

These are all the pieces left behind after I removed the clamp and all the parts attached. 
I much prefer the looser curl that a curling iron gives, and now I don' t have to worry about the clamp getting in my way

Here's an example of the type of curl I get after using my new de-clamped curling iron. 

I just love how relaxed the curls look. A spritz of hairspray and I'm good to go for the entire day

Now I don't have to buy a separate curling wand! YAY!


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