Monday, 9 January 2012

12 Steps to Fabulous: a new beauty blog

Welcome to my new blog! I have always wanted to share with the world the things that I do in the name of beauty. I've juggled with the idea of starting a youtube channel, but my love of writing and photography steered me in the direction of a blog. I want to share the knowledge I have picked up about makeup, beauty, fashion, shopping, style, and life! 12 Steps to Fabulous will centre around my life and how makeup and fashion plays a role in that. I hope to share tips and tricks for saving money, cutting corners, and making life a little easier for all beauty fanatics from a university student's perspective. I may include other tidbits about my everyday life, whether it be school, work, music, television, movies, relationships, friends, name it! The main focus with always be beauty: it's my addiction. I am unofficially following my own kind of 12 step program to control the beauty addiction in my life so the addiction will hopefully be fuelled by this blog and no longer by my compulsive want to shop for more things beauty related. Wish me luck!

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