Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mini MAC Haul

The other day, I went to my local MAC store in Ottawa and guess what...I bought stuff. Shocker, I know. 
I've been eyeing the new "Naturally" collection online (mostly and I knew that there are things from the collection that there were products I wanted to try. I've never owned a MAC mineralize skinfinish before, but all the youtube beauty gurus and bloggers always say to snatch them when they're released in a collection. The MAC naturally collection has 2 mineralize skinfinishes: "Redhead" which is a golden/corally hued highlighter, and "Blonde" a more pink coloured product. I wanted both, by Redhead was sold out, so I picked up Blonde. I'm actually glad I got Blonde because the product can double up as a shimmery blush, whereas Redhead is more limited in its uses.
I also picked up another mineralize skinfinish natural. This product is amazing! It doubles as a mineral foundation and setting powder. I had been using the colour "Medium Plus" since the summer, but it's winter now and that equals pale. I got the colours "Light Plus" and that seems to be a good winter shade for me. 

"Blonde" mineralize skinfinish swatch
I am very satisfied with my purchased from MAC, as I usually am. There are some really great collections out from MAC right now and I am taming myself: I am not going to me tempted to purchase anymore makeup until absolutely necessary. In all fairness, this little MAC haul was from before I decided on my New Year's resolutions - so this doesn't count :P

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