Sunday, 29 January 2012

NOTD: featuring Deborah Lippmann & Essie

Sometimes I'm in a sparkly mood. That was the case when I did my nails yesterday with Essie's "Lady Like" and Deborah Lippmann's "Some Enchanted Evening." I saw Ingrid, or Miss Glamorazzi, use these two nail polishes together so I decided I would give it a try too. "Lady Like" is a really demure mauve-pink colour, that is neutral but still offers  a bit of colour to the nails. "Some Enchanted Evening" painted over top offers a nice sparkly, yet understated, look on the nails. I really like it!
I was perusing the makeup section of my local drugstore the other day (so bad and tempting, I know!) and I stumbled upon a display of new Revlon nail polishes. One of the new colours, called "261, Sparkling" is an EXACT DUPE for the Deborah Lippmann shade. I had to buy it. This purchase is justified in many ways: a) "Some Enchanted Evening" is not my nail polish, I borrowed it from my roommate. b) Revlon nail polishes were on sale that day. c) I was thinking of purchasing the Lippmann colour for myself but the Revlon shade is a fraction of the price...therefore it was a good buy.  On the nail, the two shades are identical. From the photo above, can you tell which finger has Lippmann and which finger has Revlon?...didn't think so.

I did good :)

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