Tuesday, 31 January 2012

FOTD: Face of the Day

Today is Tuesday January 31 and today I felt like having y'all get ready with me. This is everything I'm wearing makeup-wise today...
FACE: listed in the order applied
primer - Benefit Porefessional (a great primer to use not only for long-lasting makeup but also to hide the look of enlarged pores)
Garnier anti-dark circle roller (I use this mostly as a primer for my real under eye concealer because I have heinous dark circles)
foundation - Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid makeup in 20 Natural Ivory.(this foundation is supposed to be a dupe to Nars Sheer Glow. I haven't tried the Nars foundation but I know I love the one by neutrogena. It leaves a nice finish to the skin, doesn't look cakey, and provides buildable light-medium coverage.)
Bobbi Brown corrector in porcelaine peach (a great holy grail product. Hides my dark circles and stays on all day)
Yves St Laurent Touche Eclat (This product is stupidly expensive and I don't know if I think it's worth it. I use it under my eyes just for a touch of illumination, and in other places I want to highlight. I don't really see that big of a difference in terms of illumination. I'm still going to keep using this product until it's gone because it would be such a waste of money otherwise. This is a product that I think is definitely not worth the hype.)
concealer - Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer in SC-3. (This product truly is the perfect concealer. It doesn't look cakey when applied sparingly, and you only need to use a little bit to achieve really great coverage. I don't use this product under my eyes because it's a little to heavy, but on blemishes, redness and discolouration, this concealer is the best.)
blush #1 - Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush in Peach Satin. (This product is the new cream blush to come out from Maybelline. They've since discontinued their line of dream mousse blushes and replaces them with these. The colour payoff is very good and the product is easily blendable. I like the product, for what it is, but I think the bouncy aspect of it is a total gimmick.)
bronzer #1 - Chanel Soleil de Tan (Some people say that they think that this bronzer is too orange, but for my skin tone, it works really well. It's a cream/gel consistency bronzer so it's a really different kind of product. It buffs into the skin seamlessly and it lasts all day. I apply Soleil de Tan underneath my setting powder for 2 reasons: 1) It's a cream/gel so if it was applied over powder it would look really cakey and 2) I'm really pale so I can look this product look really natural by applying my setting powder over top - it glows from underneath my makeup)
highlighter - Benefit High Beam (I know I already said that I use YSL touche eclat as a highlighter of sorts, but it's not ever enough. I use high beam for the perfect highlighter on the tops of the apples of my cheeks. It catches the light so beautifully and really adds a little je-ne-sais-quoi. Word of caution, do not apply high beam over powder, only under!)
Benefit Powderflage setting powder for under-eye concealer. This product is really unique - it's a very finely milled pink hued powder that you use to set your under-eye concealer so that it doesn't crease. Not only does it set it, but it also highlights dark areas to create luminosity. I sometimes use powderflage around my nose and on my chin just to highlight other darker areas on my face)
Setting powder - MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Plus. (This powder set to a satin finish so it's perfect for the desired dewy/highlighted/satin look to my skin that I want to achieve. It can be used as a setting powder or even by itself as a powder foundation. Light Plus is my winter shade, whereas Medium Plus is closer to my summer shade. This is my all time favourtie powder - I only wish it came with a mirror, that way it would be great for on-the-go touch ups)
blush #2 - Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Blonde. (I don't know what it is, I guess I'm scared that all of my makeup will be gone by the end of the day, but I like using cream products under my foundation and then topping it off with a powder. Hence the two blushes and two bronzers. I featured the Blonde mineralize skinfinish in my Mini MAC haul a little while back. I've been using it everyday since. I love the sheen it gives to the skin and the colour is a really lovely and fresh pink. It's the perfect "blush" for me at the moment. I really really want the other mineralize skinfinish from the MAC Naturally collection but I HAVE TO STOP MYSELF...but they're so pretty.)
bronzer #2 - Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzing powder in shade #51. (This bronzer smells like chocholate! It's so neat. I also like the shade - it works well with my Chanel Soleil de Tan. I use the powder bronzer basically all over my face, neck, and chest because like I said, I'm really pale. This bronzer adds great colour to the skin without looking too orange and fake. I'm thinking of buying the next shade up #52 but obvi not until I use up this one...

EYES: listed in as close to the order applied as possible
eye primer - MAC paint pot in Painterly. (I really like paint pots. They're super easy to apply and blend with your fingers, they last all day, don't crease, and provide a great base for eye shadows. Painterly is a must-have colour because it blends in perfectly with most lighter skin colours so it covers over any veins and discolouration on the eyelids.)
eye shadows:
    1. Stila in Kitten. (A really pretty, shimmery pink-champagne colour that creates a good wash all over the lid. It really makes the eyes pop and sparkle)
    2. Urban Decay Naked Palette - Half-baked (middle lid), Smog & Darkhorse (outer V), Naked (crease), Sin (brow highlight)
    1. Naked (from UD Naked palette) filled in the brows with a small angled brush
    2. Revlon Colorstay Brown Enhancer in Blonde (tinted wax to set my brows and add a little more colour to make the perfect shade for me)
    1. Physicians Formula eye booster liquid eyeliner in Black. (apparently this eyeliner contained a lash boosting serum that is supposed to enhance your lashes. It's not the best liner on its own, it's not very opaque and smudges a bit, but if its claims are true, I'll keep using it.) 
    2. Maybelline Master Drama eyeliner in Midnight Master. A super black and long-lasting eyeliner from the drugstore. I used this today on my tighline to add more depth and volume to the look of my lashes. I use this sometimes on my lower waterline and it lasts all day.)
    3. NARS Larger Than Life long-wear eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte. (This eyeliner is a nude/skintoned liner that I use on my lower waterline on especially tiresome mornings. It makes you look more awake by widening the area of your under-eye area. I like it better than using a white eyeliner on my waterline because it looks too stark and unnatural.) 
    4. Prestige waterproof eyeliner in 10, Star. (This is a really pretty shimmering white eyeliner pencil that I use in the inner corner of my eye to add a touch of lightness and shimmer to open up the look of my eyes.)
mascara: Bourjois Volumizer (Seriously the coolest mascara. It has 2 wand options, 1 or 2. 1 takes off more product that leaves a wand with just enough mascara on it to lengthen and separate your lashes. While the second option leaves the wand packed with product to create a more volumunious look. Sometimes I either use 1 or 2 but today I layered them together. 

Eyeshadows used from the UD Naked Palette:
Virgin (brow highlight),
Naked (eyebrows & crease),
Half-baked (centre lid),
Smog & Darkhorse (outer v)
lipstick - Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Primrose. (A really pretty pink colour that can be made to look like your lips are just naturally that beautiful pink, juicy colour. I love this lipstick! It's so effortless)
lipgloss - Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Candy Baby. (This lipgloss smells so good! Like candy/baked goods/delicious! It's not too sticky and there is actually colour pay off, which is surprising for a lipgloss from VS.)

And that's the finished look. Honestly, it takes me a long time to get ready in the morning, but I love it! I love putting on makeup; I find it relaxing and I always look forward to the different colour combinations I come up with to create a look I love. I know I use a lot of products and there are probably some steps I could really do without but this is the routine that I've come up with and I don't plan on changing it anytime soon. It works for me :)

So ya...that's the way I do it. I like it :) For now that's the look I'll be wearing, until something else tickles my fancy. Then I'll do an updated post. So you can expect that next week (HA!)

Have a great day, y'all! I'll be posting more soon to come


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