Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hautelook: NYX cosmetics haul

A couple of weeks ago on hautelook.com they had this amazing NYX cosmetics sale that I couldn't refuse. The first purchase I made was a set of 6 eyelashes! (The 2 sets pictured without the case are my favourites)

 The NYX lashes are really unique in the sense that the lashes overlap one another, almost in a weaving effect. I've seen this effect before on more expensive lashes, like those from Makeup Forever, but never before in a drugstore range. At first glance, the lashes look really dramatic and not entirely wearable; but, I've seen plenty of youtube videos depicting people wearing these type of lashes and they look really natural once applied. I'll be sure to take photos of them when I finally use them.
My next splurge was on a bunch of NYX lip products. Hautelook was offering a ton of lip bundles that I just couldn't pass up.

 This first set of lip products followed a red theme (can you tell?). The set came with 3 lipsticks and a Jumbo Lip pencil. I really like the first 3 colours of lipsticks(Electra, Chaos, Hero) but I don't think I'll ever wear Raisin, the deeper brownish shade. 
 I'm a fair, pink-toned, white girl and I think Electra may be the perfect red for me. It's has more purple undertones than blue, but it still offers a nice deep red lip when applied. I love the raspberry hues of Chaos and Hero. They're really beautiful wintery lip colours, and I feel like Chaos is very comparable to MAC's Rebel (one of my all time favourites).
"Electra" on my lips
the jumbo lip pencil included in the red lip set is "plush red." It's another raspberry red colour, a nice shade for both day and night wear. The texture of this product is extremely smooth and creamy, and it glides right on your lips when applied. I plan on trying out more shades of jumbo lip pencils because they are just so lovely to apply. Because this product is in pencil form, it applies with the precision of a lip pencil, but with the wear and sheen of lipstick/gloss. I can't wait to get more wear out of this product!

I purchased another set of lip products from NYX from a new line marketed as "soft matte lip cream." The product comes in a cute little package, resembling the package of a MAC lipglass. The colour is applied with a doe foot application, allowing for a more precise application. I found with some of the lighter shades ("Istanbul" and "London") that two coats of the product is required to create a more opaque look. This product is really unique because it is a liquidy-lip product that creates a completely matte colour on the lips. It is not drying, however it is not completely moisturizing either. A gloss over top of this product would suit to add a little bit of extra moisture to the lips. I've worn this product multiple times throughout the day and I find that it lasts for a couple of hours, 6 max. Towards the end of of its wear, it tends to bunch up a bit at the ends of mouth, so I would advise caution when wearing this product for multiple hours throughout the day - touch ups are definitely necessary. 
All in all, I think the product is really unique and it gives people another option to the otherwise drying matte lipsticks; or for people who just don't have that steady of a hand when applying a lipstick at all (like me!)

AND FINALLY...I got some blushes from the Hautelook sale. I've always heard great things about NYX blushes but they aren't available to purchase in stores in Canada. The blush set I chose from Hautelook contained 3 blushes: Mocha, Angel and Mauve. I haven't used these blushes too much yet since purchasing them but from what I have used, I really like that they aren't completely matte - they offer a little sheen on the cheek. I'm really into the whole dewy look now that it's winter and my skin is drier so these blushes offer the perfect finish in a blush for me right now.

And that's it! That's all! It's all been said and done. 
Until next time!

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