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Hautelook Haul: theBalm

Hautelook had a sale on "theBalm" a couple of weeks ago. Too many times has theBalm escaped my grasps, and a sale on Hautelook is just too good to pass up. Everything I got was seriously discounted!

I haven't had a chance to really try any of these products yet but I fully intend on doing some more in-depth reviews once I've gotten a better feel for the products
This is mostly a first impressions and swatches post

click below to read more (+ swatches)

Balm Shelter tinted moisturizer (light) 

Balm Shelter tinted moisturizer smeared all over my hand

Balm Shelter tinted moisturizer blended in to my hand
Judging from the swatch, this tinted moisturizer is really smooth and it blended really seamlessly into the skin on the back of my hand. It has a definite sunscreen smell, which is kind of a turnoff, but overall it seems like it would be a really lovely product on the face. 

 FratBoy blush

theBalm describes many of their powder products as eyeshadows as well, such as this blush. I don't think I would ever use this colour as an eyeshadow, only for a very particular look I guess. Just from swatching it, I can tell that this is super pigmented product. A light hand will definitely be required when applying this blush.
FratBoy blush swatch

The Balm Girls lipstick 
(Ima Goodkisser)
 I love how the lipsticks are based on Bond Girls! It's so cute! One think I have to say about theBalm is that their packaging is adorable! Not only that, but from what I can tell from the swatches, the pigmentation of their products is also very good.

Ima Goodkisser lipstick swatch

 Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter

 Now this is a powder product that I would actually use as an eyeshadow. It has a very similar look and shimmer to Shroom or Ricepaper from MAC.
Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter swatch

 theBalm eyeshadow palettes

"Meet Matt(e)"

 I love the idea of an all matte eyeshadow palette! Minus the pink, I think this palette offers a lot of great shadows to pull off any kind of eye look. 
Meet Matt(e) swatches, part #1
 The swatch of "Matt Smith" hardly showed up on my arm. I think on the lid, Smith would have a very similar effect as Brule from MAC - it would provide just a very sheer wash of skin-tone colour to the lid. "Matt Gallagher," although it's difficult to see in the swatch, I think would made a perfect subtle crease shade on the eye.
Meet Matt(e) swatches, part #2
Based on these swatches, "Matt Chung" really doesn't have a lot of colour payoff. I'm not entirely sure why they would choose to add a matte light pink to this palette but I personally find it a bit random. I really like "Matt Patel." I can see myself using it to blend out a smokey eye look.

"Nude Tude"

theBalm's answer to Urban Decay's "Naked" palette. The shadows in this palette have more shimmer than most of the colours in the Urban Decay "Naked" palette. I like how there is a wide variety of light tones neutrals and darker tones. "Sexy" (the burgundy colour) I think is a really unique addition to this nude palette.

I really love the peachy-pink "Stand-offish" shadow. It reminds me of a mix between Honey Lust and All That Glitters from MAC. I'm not a huge fan of the stark white "Sassy" shade. I wish it would have been a bit more on the beige side rather than so...white.
The darker shades that were incorporated into this neutral palette I think were really great additions. I really like "Sophisticated" and "Seductive" as crease colours, and they would also work really well all over the lid for a more dramatic look. 

I think theBalm and I are going to become great friends. Based on my first impressions of all these products I'm really content with the quality of these products. Not bad for some discount shopping :)

Hautelook is a great place to find some really great deal. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already 


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  1. TheBalm is on Hautelook again, and I got the lipstick Mai Billsbepaid...I can't wait to get it! I would've loved to get some eyeshadows, but I have a ton of them and need to use them up...


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