Thursday, 14 June 2012

May Lovelies

I'm sorry this is late, but better late than never, right?


Skin Remedies:
As I mentioned in my Shoppers & Lush haul my skin was being a total little bitch this month. It was really dry, flaky, cracked, sore, and breaking out. I used cicaplast (also mentioned in my skincare routine post) on the troubled areas during the day under my makeup, and Aquaphor smeared all over at night. Within 3 days everything was back to normal. LIFESAVER PRODUCTS!

 It's getting hotter and sunnier outside and I'm getting darker. HALLELUJAH! I can get away with using more bronzer to add a bit more bronze and glow, as well as for contouring. I'm currently using the Bourjois "Délice de Poudre" bronzing powder since my Rimmel bronzer finally bit the dust and shattered when I accidentally dropped it on the floor. 
Bourjois bronzer swatch
This bronzer is a touch orange on me during my paler months, but for summer I can get away with it. 

I was seriously obsessed with anything and everything to do with eyebrows during the month of May. I shaped my own eyebrows a little differently using my handy-dandy Tweezerman tweezers. I've also developed this new sentiment of utter nakedness if I don't fill my eyebrows in. I usually use a MAC 208 angled brush and my MAC Omega eyeshadow to fill them in, but on lazy days I use the Revlon Brow Fantasy pencil in dark blonde

I rediscovered an old fave blush during the month of may and that's NARS blush in Deep Throat. I actually used this blush in my most recent FOTD post so go and check that out

Setting Spray:
With summer comes heat, and with heat comes sweat. In May, I re-visisted my Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray (more in depth review here)
Facial Cleanser:
This stuff is seriously lovely to use during my nighttime cleansing routine. I love the way it leaves my skin feel and it smells like granny smith apples. More in depth review on my skincare routine post

Revlon Lip Butter:
The shade Candy Apple in particular has been a real favourite of mine during the month of May. It's an orangey-red that is super bright, but also very wearable.
Candy Apple on the lips
Lip Balm:
My skin wasn't the only thing that was super bitchy and dry during May. My lips couldn't go 10 minutes without them needing another coat of lip balm. They just weren't feeling super quenched. My EOS smooth sphere lip balm (full review here) has been my saviour! Already, I use this lip balm on a daily basis, but my lips in May NEEDED it so much more!

I keep track of all of my blogging ideas in this little black moleskin notebook. I have it with me wherever I go just in case an idea strikes while I'm oot and aboot. I've also been on a major blogging streak during the month of May! It's been fun!

I love my monthly lovelies



  1. I was late posting my May faves too, I don't know where time goes haha! Great post, I've been dying to try the Revlon Lip Butters! :)

    1. you have to try the lip butters! I recommend candy apple, strawberry shortcake, and creme brule :)


  2. Love the post, I use the same cleanser and dos balms are great I want to try lemon drop!

  3. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!
    This is a great post! I love the Urban Decay setting sprays! And I love the cute packaging of eos products! :)

    Natasha Carly x

  4. Great post! I really like the Aquaphor ointment and Tweezerman tweezer too. I've also been paying more attention to my brows recently. It's interesting how brows can make such a big difference on the overall look, isn't it? :)

    Karen @


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