Monday, 2 April 2012

Mascara Problem: How I'll Conduct a Mascara Review

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I've been thinking long and hard about how I'm going to go about conducting my mascara reviews for my upcoming "Mascara Problems" series. There are some things that I am definitely looking for in my perfect mascara, and there are some qualities that I would rather brush aside. I will mark each mascara I review depending on how they score on these categories: (each of the first 8 categories will be marked out of 5, leaving a total of 40 points at the end of the tally)
1. How well the mascara separates my lashes 
2. How well the mascara adds volume to my lashes 
3. How well the mascara adds length to my lashes
4. How well the mascara is able to hold a curl 
5. Staying power - does it flake? smudge? 
6. Wand - is it too big? small? Does it poke? is it easy to apply the product?
7. Overall appearance of the mascara - does it look spidery? clumpy? barely there?
8. How easy/difficult is it to get the mascara off at the end of the day?
9. Overall score (out of 40)

I hope to be testing a new mascara every week so that I can get a good idea of whether or not I like the product. I'm also going to be testing how many coats of a certain mascara I need to get a desired look...or if too many coats just makes it worse. I'm super excited to get started on these reviews!
Stay tuned!


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