Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Review: NYC Blushable Cream Sticks

From left to right: Plaza Pink, Big Apple Blush, Barry New Yorker, South St. Seashell, Urban Spice
This is my favourite cream blush from the drugstore. In all honesty, it's my favourite cream blush ever because I don't own a "high-end" cream blush, nor have I ever swatched one in the store that I deemed better than this. The NYC blushable cream sticks are a really easy way to add colour to your cheeks without having to working about cakey product. I find that, for summer especially, powder blushes tend to look and feel a little too heavy on the skin. Cream blushes blend flawlessly into the skin and make it look like you're blushing from the inside out. 
I really like the packaging of the NYC blushable cream sticks because the twist up stick makes it super easy to dispense the product. I don't have to worry about flimsy lids, or hard to open caps. The product itself is also really creamy and easy to blend. The colour pay-off is very good. It's enough colour to show a flush on the cheeks, but not too much that you're furiously trying to blend out the product. Some of the colours, such as Plaza Pink and Urban Spice, also have a bit of sheen to them and they act as a slight highlighter too.
From top to bottom: Urban Spice, South St. Seashell, Barry New Yorker, Big Apple Blush, Plaza Pink
Plaza Pink (used in my Drugstore FOTD), Big Apple Blush and Urban Spice (used in my Bronzed & Gilded FOTD) are my most used colours. Some of you might be interested to know that Plaza Pink is basically Nars' "Deep Throat" blush in a cream form.
NYC blushable cream sticks are available at most drugstores for around $3 each! I got some of mine on sale so they were even less than that! They're such a good bargain, too great to pass up!


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