Monday, 12 March 2012

NOTD featuring Butter London (again)

After my last Butter London NOTD I decided I needed to try more from this brand. This forrest green polish from them is called "British Racing Green." Not only do I love the colours from this brand, but I also love their names! 
This colour is super awesome! It's a little like  Misa's "Toxic Seduction" which was featured in part #5 of my nail polish collection. "Toxic Seduction" has more shimmers and chunky glitters, whereas "British Racing Green" is more of a smooth shimmery forrest green. Once again, with Butter London polishes, I could have gotten away with only one solid coat, but for good measure I always do 2. I just love that these polishes are opaque after 1 coat...that never happens! 
I love Butter London polishes so much I just wish they were more readily available. They are pretty difficult to find in Canada (I got mine online at and I know that some higher end salons carry them. But they are not as easy to find as Essie and OPI. Not only are they difficult to find, but they also carry a pretty hefty price tag. Depending on where you find them, you could find yourself paying between $14 and $17 for a single bottle. Yikes!
Sink or swim, I guess. "Yummy Mummy" and "British Racing Green" are the only two colours that I knew I wanted so I don't see myself splurging on more Butter London polishes anytime soon. These two are all I need for the time being...and they are so worth it!


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