Monday, 5 March 2012

NYX False Lashes


I first showed these lashes in my Hautelook NYX haul. I finally decided to try out a pair of the lashes that I got and see for myself how they wore.

First of all, these lashes were too long for my eyes so I had to trim them down a bit. Second of all, they were a bitch to apply. The lash band is very thick and hard to shape to your own eye shape. Once I had the glue on and was trying to position them on my lashes, I had problems with the corners - they wouldn't stay down! I tried 3 times to get the lashes to sit properly on my natural eyelashes and they wouldn't cooperate. This is the best that I got.
From this photo, you can clearly see the lash band. I didn't put any eyeliner over top because I wanted to show you how these wore on their own.
The effect of the actual lashes is very nice. I love the intersecting bits of's just creates a really voluminous look.

The lash band is just so annoying! It wouldn't stay down where I wanted it to, and based on that, I don't think these lashes are worth it. The time it takes to get these to look good is ridiculous. I prefer Ardell lashes that can easily be found at any drugstore. They have an invisible band, making them easy to bend to your own eye shape, and also making them easier to camouflage into your own lashes.
Major bummer, because these NYX lashes looked like they could be a great dupe for MAC lashes. No go :(
I'm going to give them another chance, and see if with more practice I can these lashes to cooperate better. We'll see...


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