Friday, 4 May 2012

April Lovelies, and some "Not-So Lovelies"

I'm going to start a new little series on my blog: monthly favourites. Monthly Favourites videos are some of my fave videos to watch from beauty gurus on youtube. I just love seeing what other people are using, what some new products are, and re-discovering old faithfuls. I like to live vicariously through beauty gurus on the internet, either youtube or their own personal blogs. But now since I have my own blog, I can do these things for myself, and I have to say I'm pretty excited :)

April has been a very hectic month. Since I'm a university student, April means final exams. I also moved to a new apartment during this month which was actually a lot of work. So this month, a lot of my favourite products have revolved around trying to keep things simple and easy for me. I don't like to leave the house without a stich of makeup on, I'm a little self-conscious that way, so I wanted to make sure that the beauty products I was using were idiot-proof and long-lasting, for those killer all-nighters studying in the library. 

Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation: For the most part this month, I've been wearing this foundation and only on my chin and forehead. I need a little extra coverage in those areas, leaving my cheeks free of foundation. I don't have to worry about my t-zone getting too oily throughout my long days and nights of studying with this trusty foundation - no blotting necessary. It's matte, but not unnaturally so.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer: for those areas where I need a little extra coverage - a few spots on my cheeks of healing milia scars. For under the eyes, I still used my Garnier Anti-Dark Circle roller and Bobbi Brown corrector.

Benefit High Beam highlighter: to add a little sheen to my cheekies. I don't want to look completely dull - a little bit of radiance in the library never hurt 

Tweezerman Eyelash curler: COMPLETELY NECESSARY! I'm working on a blog post of my favourite go-to tools, and this is definitely one of them. On days when I didn't wear mascara, I always remembered to curl my lashes

Travalo: pocket-sized perfume atomizer. I pump my fave perfume of the moment in this lil' buddy and pop it in my purse/backpack/pencil case (yes, I said pencil case) and give myself a little spurt of my scent when I feel like I need a pick-me-up

Rimmel Natural Bronzer: I'm trying to use this bad-boy up, and as you can see, it's on its last leg. It's a decent drugstore bronzer: not too orange, no shimmer. Works for me! I've been using this to use it up and it's still kicking! It seriously lasts forever

Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in "Birthday Suit": the best go-to, easy-ass, long-lasting eye colour. So simple-minded to just swipe this across my lids with my finger, and then I'm out the door 

Philosophy "Purity Made Simple" facial cleanser: basic facial cleanser; think higher-end Cetaphil. I use this morning to do a quick wash of my face, and at night with my Clarisonic for a more thorough cleanse. Skincare routine coming soon

Urban Decay Naked palette: I went home at the end of the month for a quick visit and these are the only eyeshadows I brought. I can use the lightest matte shade "Naked" for my brows, and there are other really basic neutral shades with more shimmer in the palette for a simple eye look. This palette is a staple in any beauty junkie's colelcetion

Nars Larger Than Life eyeliner in "Rue Bonaparte": a skin-toned eyeliner pencil. I used this in my lower waterline to make me look more awake

Mac #179 kabuki: This unique angled kabuki brush came out last summer in the Semi-Precious collection. I've been using this brush throughout the month of April to set my makeup with my Maybelline Dream Matte powder and to apply my Rimmel bronzer.

- Keurig Special Edition Brewing System: I got this in the middle of the month, but seriously, I have been using it everyday. This is a caffeine-addict's dream!

- "Draw Something" app for iPhone: isn't my drawing of Lion King amazing?

- Gossip Girl, season #1: Since I was living in my new apartment without internet for almost two weeks (sorry about the lack of posts) I took to watching actual DVDs, super old-school, I know. I re-discovered season #1 of Gossip Girl. It was so good back in its's so messed up now

These are things I really didn't like this month...
1. Studying
2. Exams
3. Packing
4. The stress of moving 
5. This stupid Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer: 

I really like the oil-free Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer formula but this one is awful. It's very liquidy, and the cap of this is an absolute mess of product that has leaked out. It looks greasy on the skin, and the lasting power of it leave a-fucking-lot to be desired. Waste waste waste

And that's it for my April Lovelies. I really enjoyed writing this post and going through the products that I've really been loving this month. Some aren't necessary my "all-time" faves, but they stood out as staple products from this past month. 
April is over! And now...

With the end of April comes the beginning of May and then SUMMER! I have to admit, I'm more of a fall-winter girl, but summer means tans, sunglasses, and flip flops :D


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