Friday, 18 May 2012

The Never-Ending Body Wash

I love the Satsuma scent from the Body Shop but 750mL is a lot of Satsuma to love...
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No joke, I've had this body shop for over a year now. It's not like I don't shower and therefore haven't used up a lot of this product; trust me, I shower. But this body wash is literally never-ending! It was such a milestone when I got down far enough in the bottle that orange gel finally hit the white writing of the label. 
I've started vigorously pumping this shower gel into my baths to try and use up more of the product. 
Like I said, I love the smell and I actually really do love the shower gel itself, but this is overkill. This monstrous shower gel is the definition of "overdose on a good thing". 
When I FINALLY use up this gel, I will definitely be looking to other brands to quench my need to try something different. 
This is the problem that so many people face, at least beauty fanatics like me fall victim to this issue: they like a product, they may even love it, but there's always the urge to try something new. When I rave about a product, but then don't repurchase it, it's not because I realized I didn't actually like it, but the thought of there being another product out there that's similar and even has the chance of being better is too much to fathom. 
So that's my super random blog post for the week.
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