Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Shoppers & Lush Haul

Canadians rejoice! This past weekend was 20X the optimum points at Shoppers Drug Mart! I always save up my shopping list of necessities for this joyous day. Apart from picking up some basics (toothbrush, toothpaste, kleenex, etc.) The 20X the optimum points event is also the perfect time to mosey on through the Beauty Boutique...and that's what I did. I also stopped by Lush because my skin has been being a little bitch lately, and I can always count on Lush for a handy-dandy face mask to make everything better.

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Random haulage, to say the least

 First up, some random new products I picked up from Shoppers because I wanted to try them.
Shopper's Drug Mart

I needed a new shaving gel because it's summer now and I actually need to shave my legs. So I got the Skintimate "moisturizing" shave gel in the scent Stawberry Tangerine. I have fairly sensitive skin so hopefully this one doesn't irritate my skin. The sensitive skin Skintimate formula smelt like ass so I didn't even go there.
Then I also picked up this "cuticle eraser" from Sally Hansen. I have another cuticle remover from the same brand but I can't find it anywhere! Plus, my cuticles are a total mess so I needed a quick fix. Hopefully this is new product lives up to the quality of the old one. 
New essie nail polish in Cute as a Button. So many youtube girls have been wearing this nail polish lately and it's so pretty! The last thing I need is a new nail polish, let alone a pink polish to go along with the other billion that I already own...but I had to have it.
Revlon lip butter in Tutti Frutti. Corally/orange lip colour. Like all lip butters, this is a super moisturizing, yet pigmented lip colour. Love these!
Garnier Fructis curl shaping spray gel - I have a use for this, and if it works the way I want it to, I'll post a blog post about it. 

Now for the goodies...I get to cross 2 products off my Beauty Wishlist. Yay! And apparently Clarins is my new favourite brand. Whodathunk?

 Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 Apricot Shimmer. I have the pink one of this same product, and since I've been on such a peach/coral kick lately, I thought it was about time to get the apricot colour. Happy day!
Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning: can't wait to get my glow on :) This product is supposed to provide a great, and natural looking tan to the face and decollaté.
Clarins sun care cream for sensitive skin (SPF 30) - the guy at Shoppers said this was the best sunscreen on the market, especially for people with sensitive skin, like me. I'll give it a go! I gotta protect my skin against the mean old Sun
For buying the Clarins suncare items, I got this cute free tote bag! I love free stuff!

So like I said before, my skin has been acting like a total little bitch lately: breakouts, dry patches, you name it. I went in to Lush and had the most lovely lady help me choose the right masks for me!
Cosmetic Warrior: "Antiseptic frsh garlic and tea tree essential oil reinforced by deep cleansing kaolin and fresh grapes, aided by softening honey and free range eggs." This mask is supposed to just provide my skin with the thorough clean it needs.  
When that one is finished, I'm going to move on to...
Catastrophe Cosmetic: "Blueberries rich is beneficial antioxidants and full of vitamins and minerals reduce inflammation and have an antiseptic effect. Soothing chamomile, Irish moss and almond oil with the gentle cleasing action of calamine save the day." This mask will be good to use after everything has cleared and my skin just needs a tune up.
The bright blue disk is the Seanik solid shampoo bar. This shampoo will be a lot easier to travel with, and it comes in a cute little tin! This is supposedly the solid shampoo comparaison to the Big liquid shampoo that Lush sells (another items on my Beauty Wishlist)

Can't wait to start trying everything out!


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  1. I've tried the Garnier Curl Shaping Gel and I find it to be too sticky and it makes the waves/loose curls in my hair look very unnatural. Let me know what you think of it and how you apply it! I'm curious as to how well the Lush masks work. Be sure to do a review on it :)

    Karen @ http://beautyplaylist.tumblr.com/


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