Saturday, 19 May 2012

I Got Mail!

Have you ever heard of ChickAdvisor? Well it's a website, much like MakeupAlley, where people login and write reviews and provide unbiased feedback on products they've tried. They're all normal people who just want to let others know about what's out there. The other great thing about ChickAdvisor is that it's based in Toronto so a lot of people who are writing reviews, or articles, or commenting in the forums are from Canada. The site also provides many blog-style articles regarding current trends, DIY crafts, recipes, and opportunities for free stuff! "Product Review Club" allows people to sign up for the chance to be sent any  product in question for review. The product is mailed to you, you try it out, and then post your review to ChickAdvisor within 2 weeks of receiving the product.
I signed up to be a part of the most recent Product Review Club and I was selected, so I was sent these products...
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In all honesty, I have been wanting to try the new Pantene Aqua Light collection since I first saw it in stores. I have very fine hair. I am prone to greasy roots and dry ends. I am always on the lookout for a shampoo and conditioner that promises to cleanse, nourish, and provide my hair with body. Pantene's Aqua Light seemed to me to be that product so I got super excited to be able to review the whole range, and for free!
I've only had the chance to use each of the products once and so far so good. 
I'll have a full review in about 2 weeks.
Stay tuned 


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