Sunday, 5 February 2012

#25 Fave Song: DOMINO

I know this song is super duper popular on the radio right now but in all fairness I first heard this in like July 2011 so...ya. It's just so poppy and spunky you can't not sing and dance along to it. On a side note, some people really criticize others for liking main stream pop but I say WHO CARES!?! I don't think there is any such thing as bad music, it just all depend on personal taste and preference. If you asked me what kind of music I listen to I couldn't give you a straight answer because I honestly listen to everything! Except Taylor Swift...not a fan of T. Swizzle. 
But I'm going to keep on liking this song and whatever other mainstream pop catastrophe to come out because if it has a good beat and can get me into a good mood, that's a good thing.

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