Tuesday, 28 February 2012

HOTD: Hair of the Day

I went to bed really late last night because I was studying for a midterm. I fell asleep with my hair in a bun. I woke up super late this morning, and had next to no time to get ready to get to class. Instead of rocking my bed head to class, I decided to go for my go-to messy bun. 

I basically just pile all of my hair on top of my head and tie it into a hair elastic in a random way. All of the bits and pieces that stick out of the elastic, I pin down with bobby pins. Sometimes I stick the pieces of hair back into the middle of the bun (where the elastic is) or I pin them to the side. Does that make sense? 

I like the look. It looks effortless and it actually is! It's not one of those "messy" and "easy" hairstyles that actually takes hours to get together. Trust me: if I can do this, so can you! I can't even braid hair.

And then I just stick a headband on top, and that's it! Off to class I go!
P.S. these photos were after a couple of hours of wear. I would probably re-arrange the bobby pins a little bit to pin up some ends that came loose.
Other than that, this is my go-to messy bun look. Not only is it my go-to messy bun, but it's also the only way how I know how to do a messy bun! It's tried and true


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