Friday, 3 February 2012

NOTD: featuring Sephora by OPI

This colour from Sephora by OPI pretty much has a cult following. "Metro Chic" is the only colour I know by name from the Sephora line of nail polishes...and that's saying something. The first time I ever wore this polish it chipped within a couple of hours of putting it on so I was reluctant to give it another try. However, So far so good. I really like the colour: it's a brownish-purple that is supposed to be really similar to Chanel's "Particuliere." This is a really good colour to wear all the time, because it's neutral but also colourful? (If that makes any sense). It's just a good everyday colour that goes with everything.
On a side note, I feel like any nail polish has the capacity to either stay on perfectly or chip, depending on what you do. Like, washing dishes, digging around, typing or whatever is going to be rough on your nails. A good base and top coat help, but in the long run it's up to you to look after your polish. 
Moral: Be good to your nails and your nail polish 


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