Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Haul for Y'all

And it's not a makeup haul! YAY! 
This is actually a really exciting haul for me because everything I got was on sale! Or just really inexpensive :)

I started off at Bath and Body works because I wanted to check out their new Spring collection. Turns out, they're changing the bottle design on a bunch of their products so they have some great stuff on major clearance. 

I really like the scent Twilight Woods (can you tell?) and they had their hand soap for 50% off $5.50 - so $2.75 a bottle, which may sound expensive, but it's Bath and Body Works so that's actually a good deal and COME ON it's TWILIGHT WOODS! I also picked up a pair os shea infused lounge socks because I've heard great things and they had the cutest designs on them! I'm really into colourful, fuzzy socks so these are perfect.

Next up, I went to Winners. I usually don't peruse through the clothing at Winner's because I find it so tiring; however, they always have really great deal of hair care products and fragrances, if they have what you're looking for at the time. During this shopping, I wasn't looking for hair products because believe you me, I stocked up the last time I was there. Instead I was looking through the tights because I recently ripped a hole through my last good pair of opaque black stockings. 

I found a lot of great stocking deals at Winners. The Betsey Johnson tights are a 3-pack. It comes with 2 pairs of black opaque tights and one pair of sheer black tights with a heart pattern. So cute! I also found these Givenchy lace stockings. I've never owned a good pair of lace tights. I had a pair from H&M that I only wore once before they ripped, so hopefully the Givenchy ones are good. I also picked up a 3-pack of ankle socks from Calvin Klein. 
Now, all of these foot-related garb is all from major designer brands, this is correct. However, I paid uber discount prices for all of these goods. Just look...
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! I can honestly say I've paid more at Walmart for similar products of lesser quality. I am so pleased with myself 

Last stop was American Eagle. I didn't even buy any clothing there; I bought books and shoes. Who buys books and shoes from American Eagle?! So random, I know; but I got amazing deals on both!
The books are all style books. They were all under $10 because I found them on the %50 off table at AE. Honestly, I have never seen books or a %50 off table at American Eagle so I was seriously surprised. I have a quick look through all of these books and they all seem really interesting so I will be reading through them more in depth soon. 
Randomly, I also found a headphone cord wrapper-thing on the %50 off table. My headphones always come out of my pocket in knots so this is going to be a fun and efficient way to hopefully avoid that. I got the cord wrap from AE for less than $2. 
Last but not least are the shoes. These weren't on sale, but they were still an amazing deal. 
I had no idea that Sam Edelman had a shoe line for American Eagle! He's a major shoe designer who makes cray-cray shoes that all the celebrities wear. They're also cray-cray expensive. 
The line he did for American Eagle is much more affordable and more wearable for everyday. 
I just bought this adorable pair of ivory crochet flats. I worn them around my room a couple of times and I can say from experience that they are super comfortable. I'm thinking of going back to American Eagle and having another looksy at more shoes and sandals from the Sam Edelman line. 

And that's it for my haul! I'm loving everything that I got. A lot of stores are having major sales right now because they are clearing out their old winter inventory and getting ready for new stuff. I can't wait for more spring collections to hit the stores so that I can start putting together my spring/summer wardrobe. I love the warm and cozy apparel of winter, but it's now time for a change. You know what I mean?


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