Thursday, 2 February 2012

MAC: my everyday MAC palette

MAC carries some of my all time favourite eye shadow colours. The eyeshadows that I use almost every single day come from MAC and I keep them all together in one palette. Here it is...

I'm very happy with the palette I've put together and I never find myself having to reach for any other shadows from other brands when I have this palette with me.
I use Omega and/or Charcoal Brown for my eyebrows (depending on how dark/dramatic I want them on any given day). Brule and Orb are really good, plain colours that add a clean wash all over the lid. Shroom and Phloof are really good highlight colours, and Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Patina, and Satin Taupe are my all time favourite lid colours to add some shimmer. Charcoal Brown and Quarry are my faves for in the crease (Quarry and Naked lunch look really good together, another tidbit picked up from Miss Glamorazzi)
Obviously I can never just be content with what I have so I'm still in the market for more neutral/everyday MAC shadows. Vanilla and Espresso are on my list, any other suggestions?


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