Monday, 20 February 2012

Nail Polish Collection: Part #5 Random "High-End" Polishes

It's a pretty random collection of polishes. Some I like more than others. Some are easier to find than others. But all in all, they make up part of my collection so that's what makes 'em special.

The first little grouping I have is China Glaze polishes.
I only have two colours but I can honestly say I love them both. The bright neon pink is called "Flip Flop Fantasy" and it is literally the epitome of neon pink in a nail polish. Perfect for summer or a rave! The red polish is called "Winter Berry" and it's actually a bit of a deeper red than what's coming off in the picture. I don't necessarily prefer this polish to my OPI reds but I do really like it.

Next up are some polished I picked up last year from American Apparel. From left to right the colours are "Cotton," "Office," and "Berry."

I don't really have anything outstanding to say about these polishes other than since last year they've come out with a bunch more shades. I don't think I'll be buying anymore though because I just don't think they're worth it. They don't last particularly long and I don't like the brush.

MISA! I wish I had more of these nail polishes but sadly I only have two colours as of right now.
The bright blue is called "Blue Over a Boy" and I featured it in a NOTD post here. The sparkly forrest green shade is called "Toxic Seduction" and it's my favourite colour to wear at Christmastime, more than any red colour. It's a very unique shade. Misa nail lacquers last a very long time and the application process is very simple. This brand is so under the radar but they definitely deserve a lot more publicity. Great brand of nail polish!

Nicole by OPI. This brand is good considering you can get it from the drugstore and a lot of the times you can find it on sale. I don't find that any of the colours from this brand are anything special, but whatever; it is what it is.

The bright, metallic pink is called "Believe It, Do It." I honestly don't like the colour of this polish at all and I bought it for a really dumb reason. I got a manicure once and the girl did a terrible job and the colour was very similar to this one, so I bought it so that I couldn't fix up my botched manicure. It was a bad situation all around. I do however really like the gold colour. It's called "The Next CEO" and I mostly like to use it on an accent nail (i.e. my ring finger) when I have another colour on my other nails. The brush of Nicole by OPI polishes is really short and stiff so it makes it super simple to apply a good coating of polish. Because it's not a flimsy brush, there's no fear of the brush folding and painting something other than your nail, if that makes any sense. 

"Happy Birthday" by Deborah Lippmann. 
If someone were to have bottled a party and crammed a whole bunch of confetti in it, that would be this nail polish. It is literally a confetti party in a nail polish. Deborah Lippmann does glitter polishes better than anyone. Lippmann is the best glitter nail polish you will ever lay your hands on. Absolutely impossible to get off though.

nails inc. Magnetic polish was the big thing to come out in 2011 at Sephora. Everyone went crazy for it. And I admit, the effect is really cool, but it takes a lot of effort to get it to look really good and, well, polished. Orly's  "Rage" is a beautiful rose gold nail polish and I love it. I can say no bad things about this colour. I would love to try more Orly polishes to get a better feel for the brand. This Borghese polish is called "Carnevale Grape" and it's a pretty close dupe to OPI's "Lincoln Park After Dark." I've never actually used this polish so I can't comment, so I'll have to get back to you about my thoughts on this brand.

2 polishes I forgot to include in the overview...
Sephora by OPI "Metro Chic"...NOTD post here.
Wet n Wild in "Gray's Anatomy." I know it's not a high-end brand but I had nowhere else to put this when it was all said and done. This colour is an amazing duo-chrome nail polish that when it's on I cannot stop looking at it! It's so mesmerizing. I have to do a NOTD post with this to show how amazing it is.

Part #5 is now complete. Only 1 more part and then I'm done. *sigh of relief*  


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